Preparing for GDPR.

Protecting personal data is a shared responsibility. The first step of preparation is ensuring that you are familiar with what is required of data controllers under GDPR. 

As your trusted data processor, we are committed to providing you with the following tools, protocols, or documentation you need to help prepare for GDPR.

How HasOffers is preparing for GDPR:

Addressing the Collection of Personal Data

We have enabled users at the account level to opt in for real-time IP obfuscation and incoming unique device identifier blanking for all EU countries, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

  • European Union IP Obfuscation: Our previous setting to obfuscate IP addresses (replacing the last octet of the IP with a 0) for Germany expanded to encompass all European Union IPs in real-time. If you are not already opted in to obfuscate German IPs and wish to turn on this setting for all EU-based IPs, please follow these instructions.
  • European Union Device ID Blanking: This new setting allows customers to blank EU-based Device IDs (listed below) in real-time. Follow these instructions to change your settings.  Device identifier blanking will replace any incoming values from these macros with an empty string.
    • device_id, device_id_md5, device_id_sha1
    • android_id, android_id_md5, android_id_sha1
    • mac_address, mac_address_md5, mac_address_sha1
    • ios_ifa, ios_ifa_md5, ios_ifa_sha1, ios_ifv
    • google_aid, google_aid_md5, google_aid_sha1
    • windows_aid, windows_aid_md5, windows_aid_sha1
    • user_id, odin, unid
As of August 31, 2018, we will no longer support the following advertising ID fields:
  • android_id
  • android_id_md5
  • android_id_sha1
  • device_id
  • device_id_md5
  • device_id_sha1
  • mac_address
  • mac_address_md5
  • mac_address_sha1
  • odin
  • Open_udid
We encourage customers to instead use the following fields:
  • google_aid
  • google_aid_sha1
  • ios_ifa
  • ios_ifa_sha1
  • ios_ifv
  • unid
  • user_id
  • windows_aid
  • windows_aid_sha1

Updating our Data Collection and Retention Policies:

With data minimization principles in mind, we have made the following updates:

  • IP addresses and the above listed Device IDs have a 120-day rolling retention period.
  • All log-level reporting has a 25-month rolling retention period.
  • Note: these retention windows only impact the Conversion Report and Click Logs. All Stats Report queries are still available beyond these retention windows, aside from Affiliate Sub 1-5 and Source stats queries which are available for 18 months.

Cookie Tracking Consent

  • You will receive a consent notice to accept or deny a cookie when you login to HasOffers to track product usage in order to improve your experience. You will be able to change your preference in-platform.

Enhancing the Data Deletion Process:

Deleting End User Data

  • We respect data controller requests to erase data containing end user device IDs. More information for end users and data controllers is available at

Deleting Affiliate, Advertiser, and Account Employee Personal Data

  • Customers have the option to  request a permanent deletion of any personal data you store regarding your affiliates, advertisers, or employees.
  • Note: When deleting end user, affiliate, advertiser, or employee data, we do not delete the entire user record, just the column containing the PII, to ensure the accuracy of your aggregates.

Updated Documentation

If you have any additional requirements of HasOffers to meet your company’s compliance needs, please let us know as soon as possible.

Our GDPR Resources:


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