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The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Partner Marketing

After 10 years serving customers at brands, networks, and publishers on mobile and web, one thing became apparent to TUNE VP of Sales Nate Ivie: user acquisition managers and partner marketers must align to be successful. So why are these teams still so disconnected?  

An industry first, this guide is specifically designed to bring the worlds of user acquisition and partner marketing closer together. Whether you manage an affiliate program or run mobile acquisition campaigns, this e-book will help you bridge the knowledge gap between these teams to better understand and work with one another. 

Download this one-of-a-kind guide to discover: 

  1. how tracking and attribution work on mobile app and mobile web  
  2. the possibilities partner marketing can provide for user acquisition 
  3. proven tactics both teams can use to work more closely together 
  4. tips and tricks for creating a successful mobile partner marketing strategy 
  5. where to go for expert advice, technical implementations, trusted partnerships, and more