The Advertiser's Guide to Online Tracking in a Post-ITP 2.0 World


Don't Panic.

The September 2018 launch of the Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.0 (ITP) update for Safari jumpstarted a series of updates by Apple, Google, and Mozilla that are killing traditional web-based tracking. But here’s the kicker: ITP 2.0 was only the tip of the iceberg.

At TUNE, our history of mobile and web tracking innovation has equipped us with the tools to solve challenges like ITP 2.0+. This guide gives digital advertisers the knowledge to do the same.

Download this guide to learn:
  • how ITP 2.0+ updates specifically affect advertisers, ad networks, and publishers 
  • immediate steps to take to mitigate negative business impacts today
  • what anti-tracking updates marketers can expect this year
  • how to future-proof online tracking for tomorrow

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